Public consultation for Ashdown House, Hastings

Thank you for visiting our website, where you can find out more information about the consultation and our proposals for Ashdown House.


Unfortunately, due to Coronavirus, we are unable to meet in person to discuss the proposals.

However, we have put all of the same information that we would have shown at the exhibition on this website for members of the public to review.

You can find the proposals here.

Our consultation period ended on the 6th December 2020. Thank you to all those who provided us with feedback. We will keep you updated on the progression of our proposals.

You can view a video summary of the proposals here.

Ashdown House, Hastings: The Site

Ashdown House is a brownfield site, in a highly sustainable area with three existing points of access: one from Sedlescombe Road North (A21), and two from Harrow Lane. It is currently home to the Department of Work & Pensions, and other businesses. However, the DWP are moving to new offices in early 2021 and a new use needs to be found for the site.

The previous owners of the site gained a PDR (Permitted Development Rights) consent in June 2019 for the conversion of the office space into residential units. These proposals are to convert the 6-storey office block into 246 studio, 1 & 2 bed apartments, with no substantial amends to the outside of the building.

In March 2020 we acquired the site and are now looking to find an appropriate use for it. We do not believe that the proposal for 246 homes, previously granted consent, makes the most appropriate use of the site. Instead we will be proposing to demolish the existing buildings and to bring the entirety of the site back into beneficial use, bringing jobs and homes to the local community.

The site is situated in an area with both commercial and residential properties nearby. Significant challenges make the site a complex area to develop, these include the steep ground levels across the site, with Harrow Lane being significantly higher than the Sedlescombe Road North access. In addition to this, demolishing the building itself is complex, as it contains asbestos and a large oil tank underneath one of the car parks which is used to heat the existing building.


The differing ground levels across the site can be seen in our sections through the site, from North South and East West here.


At Danescroft, we take the views of the local community in Hastings seriously and as such we have carried out a period of public consultation on our plans for Ashdown House.

In these unprecedented times when meetings, travel and contact are limited due to social distancing guidelines, we have ensured that you were able to view our plans in a safe way.

Due to these limitations, we are unable to host the in-person public exhibition which we had planned. However, we still carried out a thorough and genuine public engagement exercise.

Accordingly, hundreds of nearby residents received a newsletter outlining our proposals.  We advertised this website in the local media and have met with Hastings Borough Council to discuss the proposals.

This meant that all residents were able to view the proposals and have their say. We would like to thank all those who took part in the consultation and provided feedback. Your feedback will be taken into consideration as we move forward with our proposals.

The consultation closed on the 6th December 2020.

Our Proposals

Following our pre-application discussions with officers at Hastings Borough Council in early 2020 and after further analysis, we have settled on proposals for a mixed-use site.  

The mixed-use site will provide:

  • 148 new homes accessed from Harrow Lane
  • A new discount supermarket accessed from Sedlescombe Road North
  • A new community centre to replace the existing Civil Service Sports Club
  • A mix of 1, 2, 3 & 4 bedroom houses and apartments distributed across the site
  • The retention of the “in-out” bus stop on Harrow Lane

The mix of homes

  • 1 bed apartment x 4
  • 2 bed apartment x 58
  • 2 bed house x 27
  • 3 bed house x 44
  • 4 bed house x 15

Total: 148 Homes


Design of our Homes

The proposed development will provide a range of family homes that we designed to reflect the local area. This development will provide homes for single people, couples and families creating a well-balanced community.

The houses and apartments are individually designed for this development and provide a well lit and comfortable living environment. Private amenity space is provided for all homes with apartments having communal amenity space.

The external appearance of these new homes and apartments use materials that are common to the area such as red and buff brick with additional materials such as tile hanging, render and timber boarding employed to create variation and visual interest.

An indicative image of what the store could look like

Discount Supermarket

Danescroft are delighted to be bringing forward a planning application to include a new discount supermarket on the Ashdown House site, with access from Sedlescombe Road North (A21). This will be adjacent to the new housing development on the site.

The proposals include the erection of a new foodstore, associated car parking facilities and high-quality perimeter landscaping. This will deliver a 1,900 square metre foodstore, with 122 parking bays (103 standard, 13 parent and child, 6 disabled).

Access, Highways & Parking

The existing access from Sedlescombe Road North (A21) will be used for the new discount supermarket. The residential development will be accessed from Harrow Lane using the existing access to the south of the site.

There will be pedestrian access across the whole site, linking the residents to the discount supermarket and key areas in the local area, including nearby commercial premises, this will integrate the site into the wider community.


The existing road network has been assessed as capable of accommodating the additional vehicle trips into and from the site.

As the site is so well located it will be possible for new residents to safely walk to work, to the shops and have access to the local bus service via the “in-out” bus stop on Harrow Lane, which will be retained.


We are providing 234 allocated car parking spaces on the residential site, with smaller apartments being provided one space and houses 2 spaces. We are also providing 41 unallocated spaces for residents and visitors.

As part of the discount supermarket, there will be 122 spaces (103 standard, 13 parent and child, 6 disabled).

Drainage, Landscaping and Ecology


As part of the design process, we have analysed the drainage capacity of the site and designed a drainage strategy that means the development of the site would not increase the risk of flooding within the site, or elsewhere. By incorporating sustainable drainage techniques, there will be a safe disposal of surface water runoff and wastewater from the developed site.


The landscaping on the site has been developed to create an attractive and welcoming place to live, work and visit. The landscape proposals incorporate a range of spaces and elements, including:

  • Retained and enhanced boundary vegetation, to ensure privacy and clear boundaries
  • A tree lined avenue
  • Pocket parks with informal play features


An assessment of the site has already taken place, which has highlighted no overriding ecological issues with the proposals for the site, especially as the site is already largely already developed land. There are mitigation methods proposed to ensure that there is no significant adverse effect on protected species. The assessment will form part of our planning application and assessed by Hastings Borough Council.


Our plans for Ashdown House will offer a number of benefits to the site and the wider area. The development will not only provide much-needed housing but also provide employment to people in the local area.

We are also proposing to replace the existing Civil Service Sports Centre with a new 250 square metre community centre.

As part of the planning process, we will also agree with Hasting Borough Council money or off-site works necessary to mitigate the impact of the new homes on the local community, i.e. in relation to education, highways etc.

Next Steps

Mid Nov 2020

Pre application Consultation

Late Nov 2020

Submit Planning Application

Late 2020

HBC Formal Consultation Process   

Spring 2021

HBC Determine Application


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Write to us at Freepost CONSULTATION REPLY

Consultation closed at midnight on the 6th December 2020.

Thank you for your interest and feedback.